5 Ways to Protect Your Kids from Cyber Bullying


Cyberbullying is increasing day by day. In the year 2012, it was reported that about 60% of children have faced cyberbullying, and 1 out of 3 kids have encountered cyber threats. Though the statistical data seems to be surprising, with internet usage, most of the kids are getting affected by cyberbullying. 

So, what are the parents thinking? What should parents do? How should they control their kids and prevent them from cyber bullying? What they should do, and how they will set the limits? Here are some of the most effective ways parents can protect kids from cyber bullying-

1.      Have A Thorough Discussion

Discussion is very important. When you realize that your kids are getting too much involved in the phone and spend lots of time texting and chatting with unknown people online, it is very important to discuss with the kids. Though your kid will feel hesitated to discuss the problems with you, as a parent, you should take the initiative and start a conversation. Make your kid comfortable so that he or she can discuss threats and problems with you. It will help your kid to stay away from the cybercriminals. 

2.      Getting Involved

The more you will be getting involved with your kids; you will get to know about his or her activities. You should know where your kid is going, where your kids are spending time with whom he or she is talking, and with whom your kid is going out. The more you will get involved with your kid; you can able to know more. If you get involved in the matter, your kid will share the things with you. It will help you to guide your child in the right manner. 

3.      Setting the limits

One of the most important steps to take for protecting your kid from cyber bullying is to set the limits. In most of the cases, the cyber bullying occurs in the age between 9-14 years. During this age, you should restrict your kids from using the cell phone more than normal. Make your kid busy with some other things like books, games, or some educational activities that will help him or her away from the phone, and hence, your child will be protected from cybercrime and bullying. 

4.      Collaborate with school

Most of the schools these days teach the kids the bad sides of using excessive internet. You should visit the school and communicate with the teachers and know the ways how to protect your kid from excessive use of the phone. Collaborating with the school will help you to protect your kid from cyber bullying and track his or her activities. 

5.      Use of spy software

Several mobile phone spy applications are available in the market that helps in tracking the activities of the kid. This tool also helps in checking the text messages, call logs, and other messages present on the phone. 

One of the best phone spy applications is mspy, which has gained lots of popularity in the market. If you want to track your kid’s activities, install this phone software.

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