Footage: Dangerous Tornadoes Rip Across Colorado in the Middle of Severe Thunderstorms


Shocking video of a tornado moving across the US state of Colorado has been captured. A Sheriff’s Deputy close to the town of Limon in Lincoln County reportedly captured the footage and displays the great twister tearing across a field.


(Photo : Ralph W. Lambrecht)

A Tornado Watch Issued

The tornado which was one of 10 that struck the central United States over the weekend is believed to have not caused any damage. Along with the tornadoes, serious storms have also brought frozen rain and 60mph gusts to many parts of the central United States in recent days.

On Sunday, the National Weather Service announced a tornado watch for large areas of Colorado as a thunderstorm moved through the area whipping tornadoes up in its wake.The Colorado-based weather service made a tweet on Sunday: “This is a particularly risky situation!!!.” ”Take cover if in this warning!!!.”

“Seek a very safeguarded shelter now – lowest floor of your business or home!!!,” the warning added. The series of twisters led to at least one injury and destroyed trees and powerlines, according to Dave Bowers, AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist.

Mr. Bowers said there were almost a dozen reports of tornado from this one supercell. He said the final report coming at 6:26 p.m. CDT at Selden with power line and tree damage together with one injury.

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The Rare Back-to-back Tornadoes 

It occurred after a rare back-to-back tornadoes struck China, which ripped through the cities of Suzhou and Wuhan claiming the lives of 12 people early this month. On Friday, May 14 the twisters hit east China’s Jiangsu province and central Hubei province abandoning a trail of destruction. The video captured in Wuhan as the tornado struck displayed debris swirling around in a vortex by the strong winds.

Local news outlet Colorado Out There made a report of winds reaching up to 70 miles every hour are also expected together with hailstones “about the size of a baseball.” The weather warnings comes after a weekend that saw many tornadoes hit Colorado, bringing about damage and traveling disruption. The video later released online reveals the strong tornado moving next to a main interstate route


(Photo : Johannes Plenio).

Effects of the Tornado

A total of 12 people lost their lives due to the severe weather event and over 300 were injured. Shocking images also revealed emergency services picking through the collapsed buildings’ aftermath. Most of the deaths are believed to have taken place in Wuhan with eight fatalities reported. Wuhan is the city notorious for being ground zero for the COVID-19 pandemic.

An area of Suzhou – Shengze, was first struck with the tornado hitting the town at almost 7 pm local time. Videos of the aftermath reveal great damage with factories and homes demolished by the force of the winds. Officials in Wuhan reveals that 28 homes in the city had been destroyed completely, while130 had been left damaged. 

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