Things You Need to Know as US Wildfire Season 2021 Ramps Up


As wildfire season ramps up, take steps to safeguard yourself, your loved ones, and your property. Scientists report the wildfire season of 2021 could be very bad because of the drought in the western states which has given rise to the third driest year on record.


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Exceptional Drought

The American Red Cross encourages everyone to get ready now. San Jose State University’s Fire Weather Research Laboratory makes a description of the outlook for the 2021 fire season as “grim,” with forests seeing record arid conditions. This report follows the record-setting wildfire season last year which led to the death of 37 people and over $19 billion in damages, scorching over eight million acres across the US. 

This year more than 600,000 acres have already burned in the US because of wildfires. That’s almost double when compared with the same time last year. Drought is a chief driver, as large sections of the west are presently passing through the most serious level of drought, named “exceptional drought” by the US Drought Monitor.

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Wildfire Season 

2020 was a year of disaster for wildfires in the United States: 10.1 million acres were consumed by fire. The fire hit California particularly hard, losing more than 4.2 million acres to wildfires, setting state records. This 2021 wildfire season will make another history, according to AccuWeather meteorologists forecast. 

But drought is only some part of the problem. Strong winds, low humidity, lightning, and high heat, also provide conditions for wildfires to start more easily or spread. Others, like that of last year’s 7,000-acre El Dorado gender shows party fire, began by accident. All of these factors, both how to manage wildfires once they begin, are worsen by climate change. Wildfire season doesn’t have a precise start date.

It starts with the year’s first wildfire and ends with the last. Throughout history, wildfires are most likely to occur between May and October. Recently, that pattern has shifted – wildfires raged well into late 2020, burning a record-high 735,125 acres in December. This year’s wildfire season predictions are concerning, and we’ll be updating this page regularly with resources on how to keep yourself, your family and your home protected if you inhabit an area that is prone to fire.


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The Emergency Go Bag 

Our first story? Emergency go bag: What to get if you have the need to leave home ASAP. This comprehensive guide walks you through the kind of bag you need in the event of a natural disaster. It also has a list of items to pack – and why it is crucial to bring along. 

There’s so much more to come to aid guide your emergency planning and readiness, so expect new stories right here. For the time being, keep an eye on this site for current information on wildfires in the US. 

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