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Those who’ve had Covid-19 and who have never been vaccinated are now facing the threat of losing their jobs based upon a vaccine mandate requiring they be vaccinated if they’re in healthcare, working at the VA or in any government position that can require an employee be vaccinated.

There has not been any attention on those who had Covid-19 and recovered. Those who recovered feel they have natural protection and therefore should not be required to be vaccinated. On the surface, the notion of natural immunity appears to fall in favor of those who’ve suffered and recovered, however, the medical community appears to be on the fence as to if natural immunity is a plus (or a minus) in the fight against Covid-19.

I can only speak of my own experience as it pertains to being infected with Covid-19, recovering and the continued insistence that I need to be vaccinated. I had Covid in April 2021. I was admitted to a VA hospital with Covid-19 Pneumonia. I was placed on oxygen, given steroids, an inhaler and Benadryl.

I had a fever and was told my lungs did not look good. There were a few dozen other veterans on my floor and more than half had been vaccinated for Covid weeks and months before contracting the virus. Physicians and nurses told me they had not opted to be vaccinated for reasons ranging from fear of adverse reactions to not being one to venture into the unknown.

I had had a massive heart attack a few years ago, have stents and was told I should hold off on the vaccine and I took that advice to heart. I believe I contracted Covid during a visit to the VA for an exam. I blame no one for infecting me and harbor no ill will against the VA (which I believe is the best care in this country that one can ever be offered).

I differ with the opinion of touting vaccines to those who feel they’re afraid they’ll be harmed in one way or another by injecting a foreign substance into their body. If you’re afraid of the vaccine, you’re afraid and it’s your right to afraid of unknown.

No amount of assurances from any health agency (or government) can quell fear when the horror stories of vaccine reactions pop up daily. The latest from the Nordic region of the world is their decision to not give the Moderna vaccine to men under 30 as it’s been shown to add the risk of Myocarditis.

The answer is to offer the Pfizer vaccine in its stead. 

The vaccines were developed quickly and quite frankly many people feel they are being used as a test market in both the long and short term. Again, I’m not stating the vaccines are bad or that we are in some grand experiment and are acting as guinea pigs for big Pharma.

Millions have died and no one seems to know where this virus originated and/or who created it. Many feel it’s targeting a select group of populations around the globe while others seek to push conspiracy theories as to who released this virus upon the masses.

After contracting Covid-19 I can state here and now that I felt like I was rotting from the inside out. I had a migraine 24/7 for two and a half weeks. I could not walk, talk or function. If I was going to die my death would not have been in vain as I would no longer suffer from this unwanted purveyor of misery.

This is how felt in April and today I still have some lingering symptoms that bother me but at least I know why I feel the way I do.

October 2021. It’s time to figure out if I should I get a vaccine (and all the boosters) that they can offer me. Which vaccine should I opt for (after all it’s my choice or is it?). A few VA physicians told me not to get any vaccine as I suffered enough already and now have natural immunity. Okay, I liked hearing that option.

The next option was to get tested to see if I had obtained a positive spike protein and antibody level count. This was not a test to see if I was positive for Covid-19, this was a test to see how my body is NOW reacting to what it was put through seven months ago.

I stress the number seven (as in months) as it has been stated in the media that immunity for Covid may last just six months through natural immunity or for those who’ve been vaccinated.

I had my test completed at Labcorp and I can not stress the importance enough of selecting Labcorp for the antibody test as it gives you as a complete a picture as you can receive on your antibody status. You will pay $10.00 to make the appointment but pay nothing for the test.

You will be required to answer questions posed by the CDC however, it’s a small price to pay to take a closer look at what’s flowing through your veins.

Here’s where it’s gets a bit interesting. My results showed a positive in the spike protein and showed a very high number (score) as it relates to the antibodies I earned while in the VA and at home recovering. Because I was not vaccinated I was told that my Plasma would be extremely valuable as it had not been tainted by a vaccine and my immune response was PURE.

If you’ve never been vaccinated and had Covid-19 go to Labcorp and get your antibody test. Know where you stand, know the score so you can make an informed decision as to what’s right and what’s good for you and those in your world.

UPDATE: I’ve been told to get the vaccine as I will be better protected if I get Covid-19 again, huh? Prove that to me with a study, a paper or statistical data that’s backed by “the science” as we’ve been told to follow the science but, at times, it appears that many in authority have lost their way.






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